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Sensible Kitty Job Hunting Post #3 : Wear shoes!

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wear shoes. and bathe.

wear shoes. and bathe.

Okay Asheville, listen up. This is really important.

What you wear to your place of prospective employment is a big deal. I know I know – it’s Asheville and everything here is laid back. But seriously – this is the one time where you do need to dress up. You’re not trying to get on Asheville Street Style – you’re trying to get a job. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new professional wardrobe or look like a corporate tool. I’d suggest simple black attire spiced up with colorful jewerly or a nice tie. Also, check out Goodwill if you’re on a budget – I find the best stuff there.
Here are some tips:

1. Wear clean, professional looking clothes. Ladies this means a nice skirt and blouse. Gentlemen, break out that tie and belt along with a button-up shirt.

2. Shoes – Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. No crocs either, I’d say. Borrow some nice, professional shoes if necessary.

3. Bathing – Ugh. Asheville. Yes, you need to take a bath before your job interview. Brush your hair. Don’t wear intense cologne or perfume. Make sure your nails are clean, too. I know this seems like common sense, but it kind of isn’t based on what I’ve seen around town lately.

Okay – this post is almost a joke it is so obvious. But, all too often I hear from my Asheville friends that they showed up at their interview in a tank top and crocs. Or no shoes at all sometimes. Be prepared even if you’re just dropping off a resume – you want to make a great impression. You want to be hired, right? Put some effort into it! 🙂

Good luck!!!


Free DIY Artist Promotion Classes with Handmade in America

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Exciting news! Elijah Wyman and yours truly will be teaching a series of free DIY artist promotion classes in Asheville. We’ll be talking about DIY marketing, Etsy, how to wholesale.. and a lot of other grand things.

We’d love to have you come!

To sign up for the classes email mwilliams at

Here’s information on our first 3 classes:


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July 22, 2009 at 2:19 am

Sensible Kitty Job Hunting Post #2: Where to look

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I’m on day 2 of looking for a job.

So – where do people in Asheville go to look for jobs? Here’s a starter list of places:

1.) Your Network: This is the best place to look for a job – your friends, former coworkers, etc. They can keep you in mind when they come across or hear about job postings. My Twitter network was especially helpful in getting out the word that I’m looking for a job.

2.) Places you want to work – Contact companies or businesses that you respect, see if they have any openings, ask them to keep you in mind for future positions.

3.) Colleges – In Asheville, we have several local colleges. These colleges have career postings for their students AND job postings for the colleges, too.

4.) Mountain Xpress

5.) Craigslist – Occasionally you can find legitimate offers on CraigsList. Beware scams, though. Also, everyone checks CraigsList first when looking for a job and that means you will have a lot of competition.

6.) Indeed: If you use Emurse to post your resume, it matches up your keywords with keywords in job postings! Brilllliant.

Happy Hunting!

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July 15, 2009 at 1:09 am

Sensible Kitty Job Hunting series: I need a job.

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As promised a while back, I’m going to write a Sensible Kitty job hunting series.

There’s a twist, now though:

I’m actually looking for and applying to jobs.

Hire me!

Hire me!

Starting August 1, I become part-time at Sensible City. That means I need to find work and fast. (By the way – send all job leads to So, for this first post I thought I’d just announce that I’m looking for a part-time job. I’ll tweet about it, too and hopefully that will generate some leads. Looking for a job in Asheville is no piece of cake. I’ve got my fingers crossed (but I also want to put my fingers in my ears to avoid the sound of that clock ticking…)

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July 14, 2009 at 1:40 am

Green Cities Florida : Interview with Eric Corey Freed

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Eric Corey FreedHere’s my quickie interview with Eric Corey Freed at Green Cities. Click HERE for Audio and awesome blogpost by Derek. Transcript below.


May 20, 2009

…Talking with Eric Corey Freed, organic architect, who is also a member of Urban Re:Vision.
So I just spent an hour talking to a room-full of people about urban revision and our entire story of how we started with a series of five competitions that looked at different aspects of sustainability, energy, water. And then our big competition which just closed in May, and we just had the judging yesterday, and we announce the winners next week of a city block in Dallas for a real block, for a real place in a real city that will really get built, and we pick three winners and three honorable mentions, and people can go online at and see them next week.

So if you can tell me, not the winners, but name an entry that you found particularly interesting.
There was an entry that I found very interesting that was a building that absorbed carbon and filtered the air, and they had a lot of science and documentation reams of paper showing how this could work, and it was a very intriguing idea of a building that’s truly regenerative not just in terms of providing energy but fixing some of the problems such as carbon emissions. There was one, actually showed it today that took aircraft fuselage, the tubes of the airplane, and cut off the ends and stacked them into a rack and became apartments, kind of a modular housing thing.

Very cool.
So there was a lot of great ideas. I mean the range and depth of the entries was phenomenal. In fact that’s what made it such a long two days because we had to narrow down 100 incredible entries down to three.

So you were impressed with the entries then?

Oh very impressed! It was far above what I ever could have imagined coming in. And they clearly spent hundreds of hours putting these things together.

So was it mostly professionals then who were entering the contest, or did regular citizens and students get involved too?
We had everybody. The entries were anonymous and then at the end we were able to look to see who did what, and there was a range of everything from students to big large gigantic corporate firms to everybody in between.  That was the real intent of the competition was to get that broad range of entries. And you wouldn’t know it by the entries… I mean they were just so overwhelming, but people can go online and look and see what was entered.

Cool thanks for talking with us!
Thank you.

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June 3, 2009 at 8:59 pm

Podcast: Advanced Solar Photonics

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Another piece of work I did (along with Derek Gordon on the ole blog posting, again) for Green Cities Media.

Advanced Solar Photonics Podcast

The solar industry is on fire… in a good way.  Solar panels and solar farms are popping up all over the nation, but do you ever consider who is behind the production of this hot technology?  Maureen McHale of Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP) took a minute to speak with Kimberly Miller of Green Cities Media at Green Cities Florida to discuss some of their recent advancements and the status of solar in the Sunshine State.  One thing is clear from this interview; Florida is keeping Advanced Solar Photonics busy.  Born from a laser systems producer, Advanced Solar Photonics quickly found a home in the sustainability industry by creating parts for solar panels.  The demand for parts led to the idea of selling entire solar panels and even the production of solar farms.  Green Cities turned out to be the perfect opportunity for this rapidly expanding company.  The media attention and sheer number of participants made it a perfect place for Advanced Solar Photonics to spread their message to a diverse and attentive audience.

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June 2, 2009 at 10:55 pm

Gil Friend Interview from Green Cities Florida

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Blog Post written by Derek Gordon, Interview by Kimberly Miller (That’s me!)

On Gil Friend’s blog, you’ll notice a kind face smiling and a hand pointing as if to say “You and me…we’re going to make it happen.” You wouldn’t figure this man is trained in Aikido, but that may be
why he always seems so peaceful. One of my favorite running themes on his blog are the Green Business Lies that gives you a glimpse inside his newest book “The Truth About Green Business,” which hits stores May 29th. “It’s like green business for dummies, except not for dummies” states Friend during an interview with Kimberly Miller of Green Cities Media. The founder, CEO and president of Natural Logic (a strategic sustainability consulting firm) was one of the more active elements of Green Cities Florida, contributing to two different sessions. One session based around his book, dedicated to explaining the opportunities of green business and debunking some of the myths. The other session was a speaking engagement along with Terry Gips (Sustainability Associates Minneapolis) for a discussion on greening your business while turning a profit in a recession. This session focused on getting everyone in an organization on the same page when it comes to making a business more eco-friendly. As Gil puts it, “The engineering is easy…Getting it so that Joe and Mary do different things when they show up at work on Monday morning, that’s where the real art and challenge of this work is.”  READ MORE AND HEAR THE INTERVIEW

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May 29, 2009 at 2:44 pm