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Free DIY Artist Promotion Classes with Handmade in America

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Exciting news! Elijah Wyman and yours truly will be teaching a series of free DIY artist promotion classes in Asheville. We’ll be talking about DIY marketing, Etsy, how to wholesale.. and a lot of other grand things.

We’d love to have you come!

To sign up for the classes email mwilliams at

Here’s information on our first 3 classes:



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July 22, 2009 at 2:19 am

Green Per Diem : Free Jewelry from Figs & Ginger

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Check out for the full details!

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April 14, 2009 at 8:16 pm

Gas Update: Nubbin’

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Hey everyone. I’m working on a video interview with Sam regarding the gas crisis. 

In the meantime – check out what’s happening in Atlanta :

Creative Loafing Blog    – Beware – humor ahead!

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September 30, 2008 at 12:40 am

Asheville Gas Crisis: Update – Crisis over or temporarily averted?

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I’m working to gather various news sources around the gas crunch in Asheville. I wish I knew more about what happened and what is happening. One thing is for sure – Asheville isn’t alone in its gas situation as it seems that most of the South East is now seeing a shortage of fuel supplies.

I was really surprised when I read this on WBIR TV, Knoxville’s news station. Knoxville citizens seem very upset about Pilot sending gas to Asheville. Also, I dont understand why it says that Pilot sent us the fuel so our schools can stay open. AB Tech closed this week and the Asheville school system clearly stated it had a few days of fuel left. So – whats the real deal behind that?

Also, as someone from East Tennessee, I’m a little upset to hear so much of an uproar against sending fuel to Asheville. From what I’ve read, it looks like most citizens are actually upset with Pilot because of a shortage they went through a couple weeks ago and now Pilot suddenly has reserve gas to send to another state. Let me just say – we do need fuel here in WNC and I know a lot of people are incredibly grateful for any help that we receive. Side note : my household hasn’t gotten gas in over a week.

The Christian Science Monitor has a great article about the gas situation in the South East. I still am baffled at our own country’s lack of coverage on the problem. In a world of 24 hour news cycles – why isn’t this getting more coverage?

Here’s the mainstream media coverage I’ve discovered so far :

CNN : Gas shortage leads to fights, threatens college football in South (Looks like threatening football games is what it takes to make the national news.)

FOX Carolina: Gas shortage continues 2 weeks after Ike

If you know of any other articles, leave a comment. I’m terribly interested in the lack of national attention on such a widespread and dire problem.

UPDATE: Best news article I’ve seen so far, with emphasis on the kind of worries that I’ve been having about a nationwide gas shortage.

CNN MONEY : More Gas Shortages on the Way

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September 26, 2008 at 8:02 pm

Asheville Gas Crisis Update: A day in the life

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Here at SensibleKitty we have a unique perspective on this situation. My roommate, Sam, actually works at a gas station. She has been passing along tidbits of information for a couple days. Today, she was lucky enough to be in the middle of the craziness for 11 hours. Her hour-by-hour recap is listed below. We’re working on a video of her experience, too. You can expect that sometime on Thursday. For now, here’s the play by play of a gas station worker during the Asheville Gas Crisis. (Thanks Sam!)

She adds that she doesn’t get more than an hours warning that gas is on the way, so when you ask her if she knows when there will be gas and she says she doesn’t know. She really doesn’t know. Also – Sam’s a real person, who wants you to get the gas you need and has nothing to do with the shortage, so lets remember to play nice.


So, I had some big plans today. Namely 1) Driving around to look for gas because my tank is empty (gas light on and all!), 2) Working on my thesis and Ed Psych homework and stuff. All before I was supposed to work tonight at Gas Station X from 5-10 pm. WELL. How did this turn out? Let’s look at the time schedule for my day:
8:30 am: Wake to the theme from Mission Impossible. Roll over, and answer phone. It’s Gas Station X. My boss wants to know how quickly I can get there because we are expecting a gas truck.
9:00 am: Arrive at Gas Station X. Meet the morning attendant for the first time. Him: “You’re Sam? I was expecting a tall skinny girl.”
9:40 am: People being arriving. I am just about to go out to tell them we have no idea when the truck is getting here, when
9:45 am: Gas truck arrives with 9,000 gallons of gas. I begin directing traffic.
10:15 am: We are clear to begin pumping. Parking lot is FULL.
12 noon: I get a free soda!
12:01 pm: We have roughly 150 cars in the parking lot (with about 12 people in line per pump). By the time people get to me at the entrance to the parking lot, they have roughly a 40 minute wait (but there was a line to get into the parking lot that stretched who knows how far)
1:30 pm: People begin commenting on how red my face is
1:32 pm: I face the fact that I am incredibly, incredibly sunburned.
2:15 pm: We have less than 1,000 gallons of gas left to sell. We tell the people in line that they are the last people to pump and do not allow anyone else to get in line. This goes rooooooughly as smoothly as you might expect. Which is to day, I get cursed out A LOT.
2:30 pm: The last people finish pumping. We hang up lots of signs and ropes and put bags on all of the pumps
2:31 pm: Btw, I still haven’t filled my tank (because LOL, like I could take a 90-minute break to wait in line. LOLOLOL). Corporate people who have been here all day to help up get the call that there is a gas truck going to Gas Station Z , so they all leave for there.
3:00 pm: Finish closing down parking lot. Boss says: “All of the attendants here [three of us] need to stay to deal with any problems.” Me: o_O
3:01 pm: I give the sob story to my boss that I have been directing traffic ALL morning despite the fact that I desperately need it myself. And I can’t get gas later because I’m scheduled to begin my shift at 5!!! Boss sighs, but says okay.
3:15 pm: Leave Gas Station X
3:30 pm: Arrive Gas Station Z. Get in line for gas
4:45 pm: Get to the front of the line at Gas Station Z and I fill up 12-gallon tank for $50
5:00 pm: Arrive back at Gas Station X to begin my regular shift. The other person on the evening shift arrives for the day. He complains about how <i>tired</i> he is. He calls the only other Gas station X employee who didn’t work today and asks if she’d be willing to give up her day off to take his shift. She mopes, but says yes.
5:15 pm: Hang out with girl whose day off it is. We do a number of odd jobs around the station (changing receipt tape, clearing trash cans, etc) and hang out and chat. LOTS of people come to ask us when we’re going to get gas. WE DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
8:00 pm: Girl whose day off it is decides to go home. LEAVING ME ALONE IN THE STATION FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. My sunburn hurts. I eat an apple.
9:45 pm: It is time for me to close the station for the night. I try to call fellow employees to make sure I’m doing it right (because I’ve never done it without help!), but no one picks up their phone.
10:00 pm: I close the station for the night. I desperately hope I did it right.
10:15 pm: I arrive home. Long, deep sigh.
I worked today for ELEVEN HOURS. Most of them on my feet in the parking lot directing traffic and getting sunburned. Granted, it was actually kind of fun directing traffic. Until I had to cut people off, most everyone I talked to was really nice. But still. PHEW.
Gaaaaaaas crisis!!

Asheville Gas

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Pic from Two barking dogs

So for those of us in Asheville, it seems that a ‘gas crisis’ is in effect. I’ve been looking into it and I wanted to share some resources I’ve found.

First, let me say that the best option is to start thinking about a gasoline-free way of life. There are alternatives to driving and many of them do involve more time and less convenience. In the midst of this ‘gas crisis’ I’ve rarely heard the mention of walking / biking / taking the bus over the loud roar of ‘why doesn’t someone do something so I can drive?’

Also – I understand that many people, because of their location, can not take the bus, can not walk to their destination and can not bike there, either, for various reasons. I couldn’t have biked / walked / taken the bus to work as recent as two months ago. So, I understand that argument.

Alternatives to driving : Carpool, Take the bus, Bike, Walk, get a scooter or moped!

Information on the Asheville Gas situation:

AB Tech closing due to gas shortage

Official statement from Mayor Bellamy about the gas situation

Live updates from the mountainxpress about where to find gas (sign up for twitter to have these sent directly to your phone.)

Text ashevillegas to 44636 to get updates on the latest open stations – from the Citizen Times, another way to get text updates on open stations.

Citizen Times, people updating where/when they find gas.


Let’s remember that we aren’t the only ones in a shortage-crisis-thing. Nashvillians are also feeling the ‘pain at the pump’.

UPDATE 2: Linked from Ashevegas

Buncombe County, Asheville and other officials will hold a press conference at 3 p.m. today to announce how they will address the fuel shortage that has stalled transportation and stretched gas lines across the mountains. State and federal officials have also been invited to attend the conference. The press conference will be held at the Buncombe County permits and inspections conference room at 30 Valley St.

Stellar Steals : Whale Ornaments

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I found these handmade gems at the Montford Community yardsale! They now reside near the water (my bathroom) where they belong. 



Whale Ornaments

Whale Ornaments

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September 21, 2008 at 6:32 pm