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Sensible Kitty Job Hunting Post #3 : Wear shoes!

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wear shoes. and bathe.

wear shoes. and bathe.

Okay Asheville, listen up. This is really important.

What you wear to your place of prospective employment is a big deal. I know I know – it’s Asheville and everything here is laid back. But seriously – this is the one time where you do need to dress up. You’re not trying to get on Asheville Street Style – you’re trying to get a job. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new professional wardrobe or look like a corporate tool. I’d suggest simple black attire spiced up with colorful jewerly or a nice tie. Also, check out Goodwill if you’re on a budget – I find the best stuff there.
Here are some tips:

1. Wear clean, professional looking clothes. Ladies this means a nice skirt and blouse. Gentlemen, break out that tie and belt along with a button-up shirt.

2. Shoes – Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. No crocs either, I’d say. Borrow some nice, professional shoes if necessary.

3. Bathing – Ugh. Asheville. Yes, you need to take a bath before your job interview. Brush your hair. Don’t wear intense cologne or perfume. Make sure your nails are clean, too. I know this seems like common sense, but it kind of isn’t based on what I’ve seen around town lately.

Okay – this post is almost a joke it is so obvious. But, all too often I hear from my Asheville friends that they showed up at their interview in a tank top and crocs. Or no shoes at all sometimes. Be prepared even if you’re just dropping off a resume – you want to make a great impression. You want to be hired, right? Put some effort into it! 🙂

Good luck!!!


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