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Sensible Kitty Job Hunting Post #2: Where to look

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I’m on day 2 of looking for a job.

So – where do people in Asheville go to look for jobs? Here’s a starter list of places:

1.) Your Network: This is the best place to look for a job – your friends, former coworkers, etc. They can keep you in mind when they come across or hear about job postings. My Twitter network was especially helpful in getting out the word that I’m looking for a job.

2.) Places you want to work – Contact companies or businesses that you respect, see if they have any openings, ask them to keep you in mind for future positions.

3.) Colleges – In Asheville, we have several local colleges. These colleges have career postings for their students AND job postings for the colleges, too.

4.) Mountain Xpress

5.) Craigslist – Occasionally you can find legitimate offers on CraigsList. Beware scams, though. Also, everyone checks CraigsList first when looking for a job and that means you will have a lot of competition.

6.) Indeed: If you use Emurse to post your resume, it matches up your keywords with keywords in job postings! Brilllliant.

Happy Hunting!


Written by sensiblekitty

July 15, 2009 at 1:09 am