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Gil Friend Interview from Green Cities Florida

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Blog Post written by Derek Gordon, Interview by Kimberly Miller (That’s me!)

On Gil Friend’s blog, you’ll notice a kind face smiling and a hand pointing as if to say “You and me…we’re going to make it happen.” You wouldn’t figure this man is trained in Aikido, but that may be
why he always seems so peaceful. One of my favorite running themes on his blog are the Green Business Lies that gives you a glimpse inside his newest book “The Truth About Green Business,” which hits stores May 29th. “It’s like green business for dummies, except not for dummies” states Friend during an interview with Kimberly Miller of Green Cities Media. The founder, CEO and president of Natural Logic (a strategic sustainability consulting firm) was one of the more active elements of Green Cities Florida, contributing to two different sessions. One session based around his book, dedicated to explaining the opportunities of green business and debunking some of the myths. The other session was a speaking engagement along with Terry Gips (Sustainability Associates Minneapolis) for a discussion on greening your business while turning a profit in a recession. This session focused on getting everyone in an organization on the same page when it comes to making a business more eco-friendly. As Gil puts it, “The engineering is easy…Getting it so that Joe and Mary do different things when they show up at work on Monday morning, that’s where the real art and challenge of this work is.”  READ MORE AND HEAR THE INTERVIEW


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May 29, 2009 at 2:44 pm

Gil Friend Interview

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This is cross-posted from Green Cities Media.

Gil Friend

Gil Friend

In this interview from March 25, Kimberly Miller speaks with Gil Friend, who will be speaking at the Green Cities Conference taking place May 19-21 in Orlando, FL. Gil Friend discusses his inspiration for founding Natural Logic, the urgent need to act on climate change and how his martial arts training keeps him centered each day. Subscribe to our podcast and make sure not to miss the rest of the interview series.

Gil Friend Interview MP3                Green Cities Media Post

Gil Friend is the founder, president, and CEO of Natural Logic Inc., providing advisory services in strategy, design, operations, and information systems that help clients build economic advantage through exceptional environmental performance – Sustainable performance you can take to the bank™.

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March 27, 2009 at 7:37 pm