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Green Per Diem: Revision Dallas

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Senior members of the Sensible City staff are in Dallas where a charrette (look it up) is happening right now.

They just received the endorsement of the Mayor Tom Leppert. HERE IS A VIDEO

From the Dallas Observer :

This morning at City Hall, some three dozen urban planners, architects and city officials gathered on the fourth floor to begin discussing precisely how to turn a dollar-a-spot parking lot behind City Hall into a self-sustaining community. (That’s the site above.) Meaning: How, precisely, can you turn an barren spot on the outskirts of downtown into a “community” where “people of all incomes” can live, work, shop, eat and play together, in the words of John Greenan of Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, one of the linchpins behind the RE:Vision Dallas project and competition about which we wrote earlier this week.
For the rest of the afternoon, the assembled will gather in various groups — branded “community,” “transportation,” “construction,” “economic/policy” and “natural resources” — to brainstorm ways in which to transform the parking lot into “something we can actually build” that’s “way cool, so cool we can get people from all over the city to live there,” Greenan told the group, shortly after Mayor Tom Leppert introduced the site.

The site :

Dallas Site

Dallas Site

And another video about Urban Re:Vision.

I’ll be posting regularly from Ecobuild America next week in DC. stay tuned!


Written by sensiblekitty

December 5, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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