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I’ve been feeling the itch to travel lately. Good thing I’m heading to DC in a couple weeks, eh?

Something that always strikes me when I travel is how bland luggage is. Seriously. In highschool, I had the realization and went over to Goodwill where I found an amazing vintage red Samsonite suitcase. I loved that suitcase.

I decorated it with magnetic-poetry like stickers that said things like “Radio girl” and “walk to stay forward”. It was clever and unique and no one ever accidentally grabbed it at the luggage carousel.

Then – when I went to San Francisco for the first time – it exploded in the belly of the plane. Seriously, exploded. And when I arrived at SFO the TSA handed me a plastic box with the shreds of my suitcase (and my dignity because my underwear was strewn carelessly about as well). Then, because they’re super people (no joke, there) they gave me a new rolling suitcase. A bland new rolling suitcase. A suitcase so bland and so navy blue I wanted to throw up. I had to abandon my Samsonite in a trashcan because what was I going to do with it – trade it to some hippie for weed on Haight Street? Nah.

So – that was all to say – I love interesting luggage and as soon as my bland navy blue rolling suitcase craps out on me – I’m going straight to this Etsy shop, ReadySetGo.

I know, right – amazing stuff! And you can check out the genius blog :

Upcycling is just as awesome as recycling. And look how practical and interesting. I want one custom made with the quote “So it goes” and a picture of a bird. Or an empty birdcage with the door open.

Train Case

Train Case


Written by sensiblekitty

November 20, 2008 at 9:49 pm

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