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Green Per Diem: Amtrak

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Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend money. Memories made, experiences experienced, and days more delightful.

For business, I travel a fair amount, by both car and plane. For pleasure – I’ve been trying to travel by my feet mostly – but even these young legs can only get me so far (although a bike is an investment I want to make soon.)

There are ways to mix business and fun (and not the way that Michael Scott did in this week’s episode of The Office, although I am trained in the ways of finery and pleasure.) For instance, my company is gracious enough to let my keep my frequent flyer miles so someday I can take a trip for less cash. Also, when traveling with my terrific co-workers, we usually find fun and interesting things to do like visiting the Alex Grey Gallery (which made me cry, but really – what doesn’t?) in NYC or sneaking off to Laguna Beach in Cali (and watching my boss fall into the water after he was chased by seaweed, we have the video, it is hilarious).

I’ll be heading to DC in December for Ecobuild – a fascinating conference that discusses sustainable, green, high performance solutions for the built environment. I’ll be sure to send some updates. While I’m there I’ll be hanging out with the notoriously cool David Cross of SG Blocks (you’ve got to check out the Harbinger House), the ever-so-kind-and-brilliant Deke Smith, and maybe even get to meet up with a twitter friend or two.

But for this trip in particular – I’ve decided to slow it down it a bit. I’m not going to take a plane or drive. (well I couldnt drive anyway because my car was stolen a few months back… but I digress.) I’m going to take the Amtrak!

the other silver bullet

Yes- the Amtrak, a mostly slow-moving train that will carry me from NC to DC in less than 10 hours! Wow, 10 hours on a train? Yes. 10 hours to devote to thinking, writing, reading, and probably sleeping a bit. But I’m doing it for the chance to slow down, force myself to pay attention to that which I’ve been neglecting  – myself and my thoughts.

Hey – maybe I’ll even write some entries  while I’m riding along and for certain I will take pictures.

I also hope I’m seated next to someone interesting.

Check out the ways that Amtrak is green here.


Written by sensiblekitty

November 14, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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