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Green Per Diem : An Update

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Updates have been so sparse! My bold and quick apologies. 

I do have a few quick things to share. 

1.) Gas update video: Well, we shot the interview in our hallway. It turned out really yellow. Like, sunny-daisies-in lemonade yellow. It made Sam kind of look like she has jaundice. Despite that – the content is pretty stellar. I just can’t upload the video from our home internet connection. So what’s been hindering the progress is taking my computer to a place that has an internet connection that isnt influenced by the direction of the wind. Not that i’m knockin the Buncombe Free Wifi. 

Also – everyone says the gas crisis is over. So I’m not sure if this is even still relevant. At least for now.

2.) Figs and Ginger – Hey hop on over there and take a look at the cutest jewelry 

you’ll see all month. Possibly even all year. Not only is their jewelry adorable and handcrafted, Rhonda and Elijah are seriously enviro-friendly.  And I have the supreme fortune of being their new intern. 

3.) Sensible City was in the Citizen Times! And our whole staff looks delightfully over-caffeinated in the picture. WHO SAYS 3 GREEN TEAS A DAY IS TOO MUCH? WHO? 

4.) Follow me on Twitter! I’m listed as ” Bentmatches “


Written by sensiblekitty

October 7, 2008 at 3:10 am

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