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Asheville Gas

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So for those of us in Asheville, it seems that a ‘gas crisis’ is in effect. I’ve been looking into it and I wanted to share some resources I’ve found.

First, let me say that the best option is to start thinking about a gasoline-free way of life. There are alternatives to driving and many of them do involve more time and less convenience. In the midst of this ‘gas crisis’ I’ve rarely heard the mention of walking / biking / taking the bus over the loud roar of ‘why doesn’t someone do something so I can drive?’

Also – I understand that many people, because of their location, can not take the bus, can not walk to their destination and can not bike there, either, for various reasons. I couldn’t have biked / walked / taken the bus to work as recent as two months ago. So, I understand that argument.

Alternatives to driving : Carpool, Take the bus, Bike, Walk, get a scooter or moped!

Information on the Asheville Gas situation:

AB Tech closing due to gas shortage

Official statement from Mayor Bellamy about the gas situation

Live updates from the mountainxpress about where to find gas (sign up for twitter to have these sent directly to your phone.)

Text ashevillegas to 44636 to get updates on the latest open stations – from the Citizen Times, another way to get text updates on open stations.

Citizen Times, people updating where/when they find gas.


Let’s remember that we aren’t the only ones in a shortage-crisis-thing. Nashvillians are also feeling the ‘pain at the pump’.

UPDATE 2: Linked from Ashevegas

Buncombe County, Asheville and other officials will hold a press conference at 3 p.m. today to announce how they will address the fuel shortage that has stalled transportation and stretched gas lines across the mountains. State and federal officials have also been invited to attend the conference. The press conference will be held at the Buncombe County permits and inspections conference room at 30 Valley St.


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  1. this is so strange. i’m actually relieved i don’t have a car right now. this insanity just shows how much the U.S. needs more widespread public transportation and less reliance on oil. too bad nothing will really change after this. but maybe it will make a small difference….
    ❤ ~Am~


    September 24, 2008 at 6:44 pm

  2. NOTE: Since I posted this article, I received a comment from Kimberly, who runs the “Sensiblekitty” in Asheville, North Carolina. She states:

    I feel the same way about the Asheville fuel shortage. No one is really seeing how intense and miserable it is. Read live reports about it on my blog. Why isn’t this being accurately reported?

    I have the same question. Who is benefiting by refusing to tell the public the truth in this matter rather than sugar-coating it, perhaps to take potential criticism away from the President. The most telling comment is from a Police Officer, and I felt this one needed to be embedded in the article itself, as this most assuredly can be viewed as a “reliable source.”

    I’m a Cop – and I’m already sick of busting up fist fights at Gas Pumps.

    There is NO Gas where I work. None, not one drop. BP and Racetrac have not received a tanker truck in over a week. I am good friends with the night clerks in both store, and both have said the trucks were “supposed to be there” but never showed up.

    I’ve answered at least 500 calls to the Non-emergency and Emergency police numbers regarding “where can I get gas?.”

    I’ve been stopped on the side of the road at least 50 times or flagged down by someone asking the same questions. There is no gas to be had. Not a single station in my town, and not a single station for the next two towns east or west of me.

    I live an hour from work in an affluent area, which I guess the gas stations have deemed worthy of product. So I have no issues getting to and from work, I just never get below half a tank now.

    As usual the (insert city) Post/Times/Journal/etc is full of liberal tards and was probably told by their editor not to tell the story as it really is because it will cause a greater panic.

    NEWSFLASH. THERE IS NO GAS. I’m not sure how much worse the story can tell the truth than the view out of my window driving to and from work and on patrol can.

    And Sonny Purdue – don’t get me started.

    Now that we know the MSM isn’t reporting the truth, does anyone out there have a rational reason as to why this serious situation in Asheville, N.C. and the Metro-Atlanta area are not having the story told as it is, instead of how the powers in Washington want it to be? The local TV Stations are certainly painting a very grim picture, and even though the people know better, we have to read the garbage emanating out of Washington that makes us wonder why our eyes must evidently be deceiving us.


    September 26, 2008 at 6:36 pm

  3. […] Since I posted this article, I received a comment from Kimberly, who runs the “Sensiblekitty” in Asheville, North Carolina. She states: I feel the same way about the Asheville fuel […]


    Listen to interviews with David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford to see the big picture.

    J C Cornwell

    September 26, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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