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DIY : Make-your-own Rug

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Back in college (read: 1 year ago), my roommates and I were lucky enough to be able to live in the sweet newly built housing on campus. 

 You can read another post I did about this here

Being poor college students we naturally didn’t have the kind of cash we wanted to be able to outfit the place. But, the college is conveniently located near a carpet store so one day we trekked over there to see if we could find some cheap carpet or a cheap rug. 

We were really delighted to find t a whole stack of carpet samples, little 12 inch by 12 inch squares. We shuffled through the samples, picked ones with complimentary colors (greens, blues, and white). The samples were just $1 each! So – for 12 dollars we bought 12 squares. 

Once we were home, we took the always useful Duct Tape and taped the underside of the squares together. It made a beautiful and interesting rug! We received a lot of compliments and have since seen similar items in magazines or stores for hundreds of dollars. The carpet lasted two whole years and 3 moves! We only recently got rid of it because my white cat had shed mercilessly on it. And it looked like some creature had died on the rug. 

So today’s DIY tip is to make your own rug from carpet samples. You can get them either at your local carpet store or you can order them, sometimes for free. You can get Flor tiles for about $5.00 each – which isnt bad, especially if you’re only making a small rug.  

You can also get a sample pack from Flor for just $6!!!

So don’t buy a pricey rug – either get a nice used one or make your own. It’s easy!


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September 19, 2008 at 2:29 pm

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