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Green Per Diem: Low Impact Living

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When we moved into our new place we 1.) added another person 2.) moved into a smaller space. One way we’ve chosen to deal with the smaller space is to share common items. For example, in our kitchen we now have a total of 3 cabinets where we can put all of our dishes and dry goods for 3 people. We whittled our dishes down to the bare necessities for 3 people: 3 bowls, 3 small plates, 3 large plate, 3 mugs, and 3 drinking glasses. Of course, some day we will want to have a dinner party and I anticipate asking the guests to bring their own dishes. Although, we do have plenty of forks for everyone and more than enough knives.

Other ways we are reducing our impact are:

1. Living in a smaller space

2. Living in a multi-family house

3. Growing our own herbs, tomatoes, and peppers

4. Not having an AC unit (We have ceiling fans which work beautifully!)

5. Walking nearly everywhere (work, health food store, fun times)

6. Not using our lights often (We have big, pretty windows that allow for a lot of light so we dont need overhead lighting until late evening or early morning.)

This is all I’ve thought of so far – but I’m sure there are more to add to the list.

Contemplate your own impact over at Low Impact Living. My score was 40!


Written by sensiblekitty

September 12, 2008 at 7:17 pm

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