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In the last 3 months, I’ve become a complete convert to Chinese Medicine. It all started after a recommendation from my boss led me to the Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic. I originally went to help alleviate some pesky allergies and a lingering sinus infection. I wasn’t sure how the session would turn out but I was desperate for relief.

The clinic has a lovely and relaxed atmosphere. The moment you walk in – you immediately smell a mix of herbs lingering gracefully in the air. The converted house, right next to Montford park, is serene and charming. The staff are kind and calm, just what you need to get into acupuncture land.

I was nervous before my first session began – not knowing what to expect. Once I was flat on my back with needles delicately placed in carefully selected pressure points I went into a state of complete relaxation. My body felt abuzz with electricity, my mind was sharp and steady, and i eventually drifted off to sleep and lucid dreaming.

When my acupuncture session came to an end I received a muscle-rejuvenating massage.

Along with the acupuncture itself, I was prescribed some herbs to help clear up my sinuses. Two days later – I was breathing like a pro again.

Since that session, I’ve returned as many as 4 times a month to work on other various ailments. Mostly, I’ve gone back to work on my flight anxiety.

I’ve always been prone to terror when I even think of flying, but being on a plane can be a real drag for me because my body goes into a panic that is impossible to calm.

Well, it used to anyway.

Since my acupuncture sessions I’ve become an almost bored passenger during my routine work and pleasure flights. I sit calmly, an observer of her surroundings, and I do not keep tabs on my heart rate and i do not lose feeling in my hands. I also can actually get out of my seat if necessary, without my knees buckling.

To me, it is a little like magic that I am able to do any of these things. The dramatic change came after visiting the Acupuncture clinic – so I do hold the clinic completely responsible for my recovery.

My sessions these days are shorter and less frequent. I look forward to them like the most celebrated birthday, though. I find that my brain becomes more clear and flexible after a session. It is my best habit and my favorite way to spend money. ?(By the way, it isn’t much money at all.)

Since I began routinely visiting the clinic – I haven’t needed a single visit to the traditional doctor.

I do try to lead a healthy life of activity, vegetarianism, and meditation. Acupuncture has been a beautiful addition to my life, one I hope to have for years to come.

To find out more about acupuncture – check out the Clinic’s website for a list of treatable conditions as recognized by the United Nations. Here are fantastic articles that will help you learn more about acupuncture.

PS – It doesn’t hurt. 🙂


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August 18, 2008 at 2:25 pm

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